The endeavors of the Solidarity Association have led to many interviews with our founder, Frank Hanna, and many invitations for him to speak to audiences here and abroad. From time to time we will post here some of the more significant of them on topics ranging from education and stewardship in general, to particular topics such as our involvement in particular initiatives like our acquisition for the Vatican of the Mater Verbi (Bodmer) Papyrus.

Hanna speaks at Eucharistic Congress

COLLEGE PARK, GA: With word, song, action and art, the speakers in the English track of the 2013 Eucharistic Congress inspired and informed the thousands gathered to listen and learn. The six presenters touched on the themes of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the importance of Scripture, the call to holiness and the role of Mary. Those attending included longtime participants as well as first-time attendees. The congress is an event Mark and Jen Faas look forward to every year. "I see friends and hear some of the speakers," Mark Faas said. "I’m surrounded by like-minded people; it just feels good to be here."

The first speaker was Atlanta investment banker and philanthropist Frank Hanna III. In the context of the theme of the congress, "Do whatever he tells you," Hanna shared the story of how he was able to acquire for the Church the famous Bodmer Papyrus XIV-XV, which contains the oldest existing copy of the Gospel of St. Luke and one of the oldest copies of the Gospel of St. John. (In gratitude for his work, the Papyrus was subsequently renamed the Hanna Papyrus.)

Hanna promotes virtue in business

WASHINGTON — Business leaders should embrace virtues like solidarity and mutual dependence among their business partners, employees, customers and broader communities in order to bring wealth to everyone, a Catholic businessman said.

“As Catholics, we must not merely speak words like solidarity — rather, we need to think deeply about what they mean for us in our personal lives and how we embody them as we go about our daily business in society,” Frank J. Hanna III, the CEO of Hanna Capital, told CNA.

Hanna was among the speakers at The Catholic University of America’s conference “Liberty and Solidarity: Living the Vocation to Business.” The conference, co-sponsored by the California-based Napa Institute, took place Sept. 24-26.

Hanna emphasized that businessmen and women cannot separate their professional lives from Christian virtues. “A free market, when engaged in by people acting in a virtuous manner, is a place where everyone who trades becomes wealthier,” he said in his Sept. 24 talk at the D.C. conference.

Philanthropy Roundtable celebrates givers

When Frank Hanna received the Simon Prize in 2007, he celebrated in his remarks the ability of philanthropy to serve as “truth funding.” Since then, he says, he has “become even more convinced of this premise,” and has concentrated his personal giving on exposing both children and adults to what he sees as fundamental, eternal truths. He has supported character education, funded Catholic and charter schools, and established programs at colleges and universities.

In recent years, Hanna has turned to cinema to bring ethics and eternal truths to even larger audiences. In 2011, he

Hanna addresses Atlanta Insurance Ministries Prayer Breakfast

Atlanta Insurance Ministries sponsors an annual Prayer Breakfast to help the love and grace of Christ touch its members in ways small and large. Frank Hanna's moving keynote address an be viewed by clicking HERE.

Hanna speaks of the virtues that lead to prosperity

In March, 2016, the School of Business and Economics of the Catholic University of America hosted a conference on Human Ecology at which Frank Hanna spoke on "The Kinds of Virtuous Relations that Lead to Prosperity."

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