Solidarity School

Solidarity School provides early learning to children for whom Catholic education is not affordable. Serving a predominantly poor Latino community where English is not spoken in many homes, Solidarity School teaches English by immersion, considered one of the most effective means for learning language. English instruction begins at age 3, and most students exit Solidarity ready to begin kindergarten or first grade without ESL tracking. In addition to its excellent English instruction, Solidarity School affords its students an education in Christian principles, teaches music, art, and social skills, and fosters in them genuine pride in their native Spanish culture and language.

 Visit Solidarity School's website here. ultimately the use of all materials/books in English by kindergarten level.  

Holy Spirit College

Holy Spirit College is an independent, authentic Catholic college founded in 2005 as an undergraduate college offering courses in the Liberal Arts to students enrolled at Holy Spirit Prep. Graduates of those courses have gone on to study at many of the finest undergraduate institutions in the United States including Harvard, The University of Notre Dame, Emory University, Vanderbilt University and The Naval and Air Force Academies. Holy Spirit College is blessed with a beautiful and mature campus setting that is shared with both Holy Spirit Parish and Holy Spirit Prep. The college enjoys dedicated facilities within the parish complex including college lecture theaters, a satellite library, a break room and offices. About Holy Spirit College, Patrick Reilly, President of the respected Cardinal Newman Society and author of the Cardinal Newman Guide to Catholic Colleges, recently said, "I had the pleasure of visiting the campus this week and I am confident that Catholic families and students will find a place for the development of faith and reason in harmony with the grand intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church."

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Hanna speaks about Catholic education

 Last summer, Frank Hanna, who is the CEO of Hanna Capital, LLC, and has been in venture capital and merchant banking for over two decades, addressed Catholic leaders at the Napa Institute in a talk entitled "Catholic Education in the Next America: Where Do We Go From Here?"

National Catholic Register editor in chief Jeanette De Melo spoke with Hanna, a board member of EWTN and the Napa Institute, about the state of Catholic education and what Catholics can do about it.

How did you become involved in education?

For many of us, when we are in college, we start thinking about what we want to do with our lives. I’ve always been very interested in what we Catholics would call the public good — the common good. During college, I was very interested in politics, and I still remain interested in politics, but I realized

Solidarity School helps children learn English


(Front row, l-r) Noe Santillan, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Adrian Alberto, Ashley Alcantara, Luis Lemus and Yaritza Sanchez, 3-year-old preschool students at the Solidarity School, Atlanta, rehearse for the upcoming Christmas pageant. Preschool teacher Elvira Castro, far right, is assisting the students as they sing “Jingle Bells” in English and Spanish.

3-year-old preschool students at the Solidarity School, Atlanta, rehearse for the upcoming Christmas pageant.


ATLANTA—Born in Mexico, Ameyaltzin Palomino came to the United States as a teenager speaking no English. She entered public school as an ESOL student, a special program to learn English for those with another native language.

“I was 13 years old. It was hard,” said Palomino.

It can be difficult academically and socially for ESOL students, being separated from peers or hearing comments. “That stops you” from learning new things, said Palomino.

When it came time to enroll her first son in preschool, Palomino asked herself, “How can I help him more?”

She discovered the Solidarity School,

Holy Spirit Preparatory School

Holy Spirit Preparatory School promotes a classical college preparatory program of academic excellence and authentic Catholic faith formation for students in Preschool through High School. Combining the finest traditions of Catholic education with those of a classical preparatory school our school offers a dynamic learning environment where students enthusiastically acquire the knowledge and cultivate the skills necessary for leadership in the 21st century. Moral and spiritual dimensions are integrated throughout all aspects of the curriculum allowing each child to flourish in an atmosphere of encouragement, providing opportunities for academic, spiritual, and emotional growth. Holy Spirit Prep is a community where the individual child develops to his or her fullest potential as a result of the cohesive efforts of the parent, the teacher, and the School. Again in 2014, Holy Spirit Prep was included in the prestigious Catholic Education Honor Roll, recognizing it as a School of Excellence.

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